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About me

​I am an Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. My research centers upon the challenges and complexities of business in society and the ways in which these interrelate with wider questions about ethics, sustainability and gender.

My academic journey brought me from WU Vienna, where I obtained a B.Sc. in International Business Administration to King’s College London, where I completed a Master in Tourism, Environment and Development in 2012. I was awarded a Ph.D. in Tourism Management and Development from University of Surrey in 2016. Before joining Copenhagen Business School, I worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Warwick.

One of the key areas of my research explores the interplay between corporate responsibility and ethics. I am interested in studying the ethical frameworks and subjective mechanisms guiding the enactment of responsible business practice. My research has focused on corporate decision-making processes, the socio-cultural impacts of philanthropic projects and the role of stakeholders in mediating firms’ philanthropic engagements. I have recently started a new project collaboration that explores how responsible management practices form and diffuse throughout the hotel sector in Zanzibar. The study is funded by the Danish international development agency Danida.

Another key area of my research focuses on gender (in)equality in the context of organizations and international development. My work on gender strives both toward socially and culturally embedded understandings of equality and empowerment and toward theoretical frameworks that capture and are responsive to these nuances. My experiences in conducting empirical research across different Middle Eastern and African countries have been key to this process.

I have studied the effects of education on processes of empowerment combining participant observation, qualitative interviews and visual methods (see above). This led to the development of an original gender-aware empowerment model of capacity building. In a further ongoing project, I am working with an international team to investigate how public policy can encourage female labor force participation and help shift cultural barriers to women’s employment in Saudi Arabia. The study received funding from the Evidence for Policy Design initiative of the Harvard Kennedy School.