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Major Fields

Business Ethics, Sustainability, Gender, Tourism and Development


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Work in Progress

“Organizational, Economic or Cultural? Firm-Side Barriers to Employing Women in Saudi Arabia”, joint with Jennifer Peck (Swarthmore College), Thiemo Fetzer, (University of Warwick), Saleh Alodayni (King Saud University). Broader Coverage: Policy Brief.

“Transforming Organizational Gender Regimes in the MENA Region”. Broader Coverage: Organization Studies Workshop.

“A decolonial perspective on management: An elusive quest?”. joint with Adriana Budeanu (Copenhagen Business School).

“Responsible management in developing countries: Evidence from Tanzania”.

Other Projects

2018. Policy Brief: Why are firms so reluctant to hiring women? joint with Alodayni, S., Fetzer, T., & Peck, J. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University.

2017. The Beauty and the Abuse: A Handbook on Relationships and Emotions in Academia, joint with Munar, A. M., Caton, K., Jeffrey, H., Khoo-Lattimore, C., Lynch, P., Morgan, N., Yang, E. København: Women Academics in Tourism.

2016. Social Innovation in Community Development, joint with Mensink, W., Van den Berg, E., Ricciuti, E., Bauer, A., Navratil, J., Placier, K. (2016) part of the wider project on  “Impact of the Third Sector as Social Innovation” (ITSSOIN), European Commission – 7th Framework Programme, Brussels: European Commission, DG Research.